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Structured Observation of Motor Performance in Infants (SOMP-I) is a method assessing motor performance during an infant’s first year of life. SOMP-I assesses level of motor development as well as quality of motor performance at the infant’s own achieved level.

SOMP-I offers a structured and detailed way to assess infant motor performance. The structure act both as support for the assessor and a pedagogical tool in the conversation with the caregivers.

When you buy the method you will get access to the web-based assessment form. The form can be saved as a pdf-file and linked to the infant’s electronic medical journal. You will also get access to film examples of the levels of motor development and the quality of motor performance as well as an exercise section.

SOMP-I replaces all other versions of the assessment method.

This is SOMP-I


SOMP-I is an assessment method that enables a structured and detailed assessment of an infant’s motor performance.

The aim of SOMP-I is to be able to in detail describe the infant’s motor performance, both level of motor development and quality of motor performance at the infant’s own achieved level, to early detect infants with motor problems in need of intervention. The method covers the infants first 10-12 month (corrected age for preterm infants), which provides the possibility to track the infant’s motor performance over time.

Research on the method’s reliability and validity as well as the long-running clinical use of SOMP-I has been positive. SOMP-I has shown not only to be a valuable clinical tool for the assessor, but also a pedagogical tool in the dialog with the infant’s caregivers.









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Using SOMP-I in research

Please use SOMP-I in research. The revised version of SOMP-I replaces all other versions of the assessment method and is the version that should be used both in the clinic as well as in research.

If you plan to use SOMP-I in your research do we recommend that you test your reliability. Please contact us and describe your project. The videos to test your reliability do you find HERE.

Please contact us if you have any questions!


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