Purchasing SOMP-I

To be able to use SOMP-I you have to purchase a yearly subscription for 1900 sek exclusive VAT. This includes two licenses that provides access to the SOMP-I method, the web based form, film examples of the levels of motor development and the quality of motor performance as well as an exercise section.

It is possible to access SOMP-I from all computers with internet access. It is recommended that you use Firefox as browser, but the method is also compatible with Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

The subscription must be canceled no later than 30 days before the subscription period expires, or the subscription will automatically renew for a new year.

SOMP-I is owned by Barnens rörelsebyrå Uppsala Ek för, and you purchase the method by e-mailing info@barnensrorelsebyra.se. Information about who is purchasing the method (this will be stated on the form when printed) and billing information including reference number should be included in the e-mail.

For questions regarding acquiring SOMP-I please contact us at info@barnensrorelsebyra.se.


Authorized Uses

You are granted non-exclusive use of the SOMP-I method for personal, research and non-commercial purposes only. Permission is for your use, and the use of other professionals in your organization only. You must not make the SOMP-I method available to other persons or organizations, or allow any other people or organizations to use SOMP-I.

You must not:

  1. Sell, loan or otherwise distribute copies of the SOMP-I method.
  2. Duplicate, create or include SOMP-I in any digital format.
  3. Include SOMP-I as a component of a commercial product.
  4. Publicly perform or display SOMP-I, including making the assessment form available to download to anyone else on any coputer system or network.
  5. Modify or adapt the SOMP-I method.
  6. Remove or obscure copyright notices from SOMP-I and Barnens rörelsebyrå Uppsala Ek. för.